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Taste some of the most typical dishes from Lucca that you can only find in Italian houses.  Our pizza has become extremely popular in the past ten years for its uniqueness, with a style so diverse from other pizzas around the city that you simply must try it if you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur.
If you are looking for an authentic culinary Italian experience, you found just the right place. Baonecci offers you delicious and traditional entrees from a Tuscan menu and thin-cracker, mouth-watering pizzas, each one hand rolled for you by Mamma Stefania. Baonecci offers handmade pasta made fresh every day topped with Stefania’s amazing sauces. Everything is made from scratch here. You'll be amazed by the freshness and quality of each plate and you'll be comforted by the frie
ndly Gambaccini family who will make your experience even more "Italiana”!!

We know… our fare is not inexpensive, due to high-quality ingredients used for each dish, plus for the love of an Italian woman that puts her heart in every dish that she cooks for you... As we say in Italian

"non si può avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca” 

“you can’t have both a full carafe of wine and a drunken wife” 

La Famiglia Gambaccini

The Gambaccini family moved to Texas to find the American dream, and they sure found it, but also the Americans found a dream of their own which is Baonecci!!! Buon Appetito!​

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