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Michael Bauer

Today if you walk into the cozy restaurant with yellow pine wainscoting, you’ll likely find Walter or his sons Elia and Filippo in the front. They provide a grounding that’s as solid as the food. Each dish is carefully prepared by Stefania, including the bresaola, cured beef strewed with arugula with a lemony dressing and shavings of Parmesan.

The cracker-thin crust pizza is perfectly cooked — try the version with prosciutto, Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and mushrooms. This is one of the few pizzas that refuse to turn soggy.Pasta Bolognese, made with both pork and beef, will transport diners to Bologna, and the filet mignon, sliced and strewn with cheese and arugula, is almost like a more refined version of steak Florentine. From start to finish, this restaurant offers something a cut above most other places in the area.

The Cheff

Stefania has decided to cook as a child surrounded by Mommy grandmothers who taught her the art of cooking, as an adult she continued with her great passion to cook for friends party etc. but never as a job. Then came Danilo Bakery and they were actually our customers who after trying her food have encouraged her to open a restaurant (Baonecci) now after a few years the passion has never changed and every day she cooks the best and studies for new recipes, this is why the customers after trying the food they return and bring new people ...

If you've never tried her cooking, it's time to do it ...